Oh woe! And rue the days she shirked her charge,
Her blue puella eyes averted, blind
To pain and sore despair, for her too large,
To look too close, malicious pranks she’d find.
And so another mother came to know
The radiant, inf’nite possibility.
Malevolent perfection time would show
The first and second child were her fee.
A mother third and daughter clothed in red,
A white knight charged amid the battle fierce,
Then fell the witch, the crystal broke, and dead
Would fin’ly rest, a stone to honour each.
Let not our childish rage our futures bleed,
Lest goodly knights and witches cease to be.
This is my photo of Mountain Goat kids, skippering on the rock faces of mountain passes through Kootenay National Park in B.C. Canada. The harsh and rugged terrain is home, and many kids do not live beyond 1 year.