A young man he was
When he first
Saw her there,
In the breeze
As it ruffled
His bright yellow hair.

With a pack
And a brave heart
He set out to find
The beginning,
The song
That played in his mind.

So, he wandered the world
With his eyes open wide
And he met a young woman
Who lived by his side.
They traveled the coast
On the oceans of blue
And he sang her this song
I’m singin’ to you:

Rebecca, Rebecca
She’s calling his name,
He sails the seas
And the oceans.
The stars,
They will guide him,
And carry him home,
And he’ll fall
In the arms
Of Rebecca,
And he’ll lay
In the light
Of his one
And only true love.

© WhatHabit Co. and Words For Leaving, 2010 to 2015. All rights reserved.

Ray Matys was only 28 when, one very dark night in April 1996, he fell into the frigid waters off Quadra Island, B.C. and drowned. He was a well-known climber, and had just begun to embrace a new way of life. Still a wanderer, he lived on a boat he had refurbished himself, sailing the B.C. coast with his girlfriend. It was such a terrible, tragic loss of life and youthful potential. He is always remembered.

I found this photo on www.ourbc.com