“How is it You can lose So many petals And still Look whole?”, Said Single Rose, baffled, To Dahlia.       © WhatHabit Co. and Words For Leaving, 2010 to 2014. All rights reserved.

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Lake Agnes Teahouse


Here shall I sit And rest awhile. You will come out Of the darkness, And I shall see your face. You will lift me up, And show me the road That lies hidden In the dark, dark night. . . . . . I took this picture on […]

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I am not A collector of facts, Of labels and numbers, Opinions and stats. Rather, I thunder With each beating heart, And I mostly remember The in between parts: The unspoken beauty, The fears and the queries, The passions and stances, Surreptitious glances. The nanos and micros, The […]

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Peach Tree Pink Blossom


The peach, Hanging taut and dewy, Just within reach, Or beyond, To fully realize Its potential Must be picked, And eaten, Full fleshy, Ripe, and juicy Delight. © WhatHabit Co. and Words For Leaving, 2010 to 2014. All rights reserved.

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Jean François, Gleaners, 1837


I know you, Each one. You reappear, Each generation’s wave, Your back, strong. Your shoulders, wide. Your smile, Oh, your smile, Like mother. At times, Like sister. But always, Friend. . Fierce, Fast, Friend. . . . . . I loved this image of women working. It is […]

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Intersections (used with permission)


We, Unsurprisingly, Standing at the summit, Imagine ourselves, Gods. . . . . . Thank you, photographer Navid Baraty, for your generosity in allowing me to use your breathtaking photo. You can find this and more of Navid’s work on his website. . . . © WhatHabit […]

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Mi Nana y Yo, Frida Kahlo

Shadow Mother

Like a vapour, or a veil Or a scrim that shades detail, She deceives and she confines, She interferes and undermines. With dark intent and appetite For infant flesh and soul alike, She appeared in her disguise As mother dear to lonely eyes. And thus the witch, she […]

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From depths of mind I walked the shore, Where broken ribs and jutting beam Lay buried half in sand. And there at waters edge, pristine A lotus white had death defied, From distant muddy depths it seemed All wisdom, innocence combined. Though tempted I continued on And left […]

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Mountain Goat Kids


Oh woe! And rue the days she shirked her charge, Her blue puella eyes averted, blind To pain and sore despair, for her too large, To look too close, malicious pranks she’d find. And so another mother came to know The radiant, inf’nite possibility. Malevolent perfection time would […]

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Dear Mum, I love you, and I admire all the mums before you who gave, never knowing the generations of children who enjoy the legacy you created.

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